QuaSSI@PSU: The Quantitative Social Science Initiative at Penn State

Welcome to the homepage of Penn State's Quantitative Social Science Initiative (QuaSSI). QuaSSI seeks to facilitate the development of an interdisciplinary community of Penn State faculty, students, and other researchers committed to excellence and leadership in the development and application of quantitative, data-intensive, and computation-intensive methodologies in social science research and training.

We invite you to learn more here about QuaSSI and its activities, including the QuaSSI Predoctoral Program and events like the New Faces in Political Methodology conference. QuaSSI also leads Penn State's Big Data Social Science IGERT (BDSS-IGERT) and degree programs offered by the new Program in Social Data Analytics (SoDA).

Connect with QuaSSIgreenarrow.pngQuassi@psu.edu|B001 Sparks (The Databasement)|Program Manager, Kitty MacKenzie, 814.867.2720